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Equity and Inclusion

At the heart of achieving racial equity and inclusion is community engagement. Community members must have input on the policies that affect their lives and in the solutions to the local issues that affect them on a daily basis. When residents are engaged in their local communities, both their personal [...]


Climate change is a proven fact. Global warming has caused serious changes to the planet. As individuals we can slow down global warming by implementing sustainable actions within our community. These are some of the policies that I will support as your state senator: Incentivizing Carbon Farming: We can combat [...]

Workforce Inequalities

As your state senator, I will support ongoing efforts to reduce economic disparities and inequalities through workforce initiatives. This includes increasing funding for opportunities for individuals transitioning from jail into mainstream society through education, career development, and training. This also includes efforts to support college graduates returning home to enter [...]


Every Minnesotan deserves access to quality health care. Made clear by the most recent insulin debate, we must guarantee that no one’s life should be at risk just because they are unable to afford necessary medication. Ensuring everyone has access to quality treatment and healthcare services creates positive, healthy outcomes [...]


Every child—regardless of their race, gender, or religion—deserves high-quality education. It’s not enough to just maintain the status quo. We must come together and invest in our schools to close the opportunity gaps our children are facing. We must also ensure college and technical schools are an attainable goal in [...]


Minnesota’s crumbling infrastructure is putting our way of life at risk. Whether high-quality transportation networks, modern broadband internet access, or clean water systems, Minnesota communities deserve to connect with their neighbors next door and across the state. The need for additional transportation resources is clear. Within the next 30 years, [...]

Affordable Housing

Every Minnesotan deserves a place to live. The lack of an adequate supply of housing is affecting the whole state’s competitive advantage. More than 580,000 Minnesota households pay more than 30% of their income on housing which doesn’t leave enough money for necessities. A lack of housing has especially negative [...]