Minnesota’s crumbling infrastructure is putting our way of life at risk. Whether high-quality transportation networks, modern broadband internet access, or clean water systems, Minnesota communities deserve to connect with their neighbors next door and across the state.

The need for additional transportation resources is clear. Within the next 30 years, the equivalent population of North Dakota will be moving to Minnesota and will contribute to congestion if we don’t find innovative solutions. Minnesotans already spend more than $1,300 per year in increased gasoline costs, sitting in traffic, lost productivity, and car repairs due to shoddy roads. The American Society of Civil Engineers has graded Minnesota’s roads a D+, bridges a C, and transit a C-. And just because other states have poor grades does not mean the entire class of 50 cannot fail—the structural integrity of a bridge should not be graded on a curve.

Improving mass transit and reducing its cost to make it more attractive to commuters goes a long way in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our communities. Adequately funding public transit is also a critical component of environmental justice—no Minnesotan deserves to develop health problems tied to poor air quality. I will advocate for the infrastructure needs of Senate District 55, including securing transportation resources, reducing emissions to keep our community safe, and answering the need for additional bus rapid transit lines in areas like Highway 169.